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I, Thespian

GENRE Comedy
LENGTH 40 minutes
CAST 25 total (9F,11M,5E) (12-45 actors possible; gender flexible)
SET Some chairs
Audience Youth
Overdramatic, gossipy, eccentric.everything you love about high school Thespians takes center stage in this farce! Toby and Kristen need to put down an activity for their college applications, so they join their high school Thespian Troupe. What starts off as a "normal" Thespian meeting with Thespis worshipping and drama gossiping transforms into a hectic battle for survival.

An unmarked package arrives. Of course, the Thespians believe it's a Trojan horse from the evil Bandos, who will stop at nothing to thwart the Thespians from succeeding at District Competition. When the Thespians find out that Toby did band in middle school, chaos ensues. Now, will Toby and Kristen be able to get out of there alive, or will the drama consume them? And what really is in that package?
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